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Install Motion Sensor Lights - Outdoor Security Lighting Installation

Date: Sat Sep 30 08:16:04 EDT 2023

Motion Sensor Lighting is Good Security Lighting

Install motion sensor lights as a replacement to just about any existing outdoor light and they can be installed where no light has gone before.

Considering the lights only stay on a brief time rather than all night long it means there is some efficiency gained in short "run times."

Motion Sensor Lights Recommended by City of Piedmont

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Instant On Effect With Motion Sensor Lighting

A popular concept is that motion sensor controlled lighting will startle the bad guys away which means the lamps, or light bulbs need to come on quickly when motion is detected with no "warm up" time.

An "instant on" effect as soon as motion is sensed requires the use of LED or halogen type bulbs rather than fluorescent or HID lamps generally have a slow warm up time.

These motion lights are made to operate with either LED or Halogen lamps. The LED motion sensing light fixtures are more expensive than those that use ordinary halogen outdoor floodlights. The LED models will use less electricity and therefore operate at less cost.

Motion sensor light fixture with halogen lamps, or light bulbs.

Motion sensor light fixture with LED lamps, or light bulbs, which will generally provide less light output as compared to halogen.

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