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Circuit Breaker Replacement and Circuit Breaker Testing

Date: Wed Jun 7 07:58:57 EDT 2023

Circuit Breakers Are Safety Devices.

Circuit breakers prevent overheating and damage to wires and other electrical equipment. Circuit breakers are intended to prevent electrical fires. Improperly functioning or improperly used electrical equipment can start fires.

Circuit breakers "trip" and shut off the power automatically in response to dangerous conditions affecting your wiring system.

Correct operation and testing should be verified when in doubt to ensure the electrical integrity and safety of your home or business.

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Circuit Breakers Shut Off the Power to Prevent Dangerous Conditions.

Overloaded electrical circuits, shorted circuits, damaged electrical wiring, and damaged electrical equipment plugged in or turned on and running can cause a circuit breaker to trip and shut off the power.

Circuit breakers can and do fail. Usually circuit breakers trip and shut off the power as they should but sometimes they trip when they should not be tripping resulting in nuisance tripping.

Conversely, circuit breakers sometimes fail to trip when they should be tripping which results in a seriously dangerous situation requiring immediate attention.

Circuit breakers can be tested to make sure they are working properly and they can be replaced if faulty.

Repeated tripping by a circuit breaker can cause all sorts of damage. If a circuit breaker is tripping repeatedly then it needs to be checked out, tested and replaced if necessary.

There are many different types of circuit breakers and they need to be selected and installed correctly to ensure reliability and safety of your electrical system.

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